Star Trek The Video Game Preview

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For fans waiting for the release of Star Trek: The Video Game to be released later this month, a preview can be seen now.

In Star Trek The Video Game, Kirk and crew are sent to investigate a space station under duress. The station has been tasked with research on the New Vulcan colony project, developing a new home world for Spock’s species, whose home planet was destroyed in the last film.

“But as Kirk and Spock explore the station, they learn something has gone very wrong. The Starfleet commander in charge of the station has attempted to exploit a risky new technology that has ripped open a wormhole in space, which serves as a doorway for the invading Gorn, a violent and imperial species first seen in the 1967 episode Arena from the original Trek TV series.”

The three videos cover thirty minutes of gameplay. In the first video, the first mission of the game can be seen, and some of the key locations of the game, including the Bridge of the Enterprise, are shown.

The second video shows New Vulcan, the new homeworld of the Vulcans. In this video, Kirk meets up with the Gorn.

The third video features “set-pieces” such as “space jumps…visiting the Gorn homeworld,” and “taking control of the USS Enterprise.”

Star Trek The Video game releases on April 23. To see the videos, head to the link located here.

Source: IGN

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