Star Trek Into Darkness Magazine Articles

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Several magazines recently have featured Star Trek into Darkness, and fans can see online scans of three of them now.

The magazines are the April issue of Star Trek magazine and Cinemania, and the May issue of Empire.

In the Star Trek magazine, “Darkness is about to fall.” Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof talk about Harrison and his motives, and the challenge of creating a good story in the alternate Star Trek universe created in the first movie.

Cinemania is a Spanish-language magazine, and their article features plenty of pictures of the actors and movie scenes.

The May issue of Empire also features pictures from the movie, including a battle-damaged Enterprise.

The article in Empire discusses the beginning of the rebooted franchise, and how the creators wanted to make Star Trek rival Star Wars in “terms of grandeur and adventure.” The article then moves on to the present movie, and Alex Kurtzman and Chris Pine describe the pressure of getting the new movie right. Other actors in the movie describe their working relationships with each other and with J.J. Abrams.

Source: The Chris Pine Network

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