Saldana A Sci-Fi Fan

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Like many of the fans who will see her next month in Star Trek into Darkness, Zoë Saldana is a fan of science fiction.

“I love science fiction,” she said. “I grew up with a mom who’s a sci-fi buff…so this is definitely my arena.”

Saldana’s love of sci-fi dates back to her childhood. “I was always captivated by space and space travel,” she said. “And I think the human race is fascinated with what might be out there, outside of us and beyond our world. And that’s why I think that we tell these stories and make these films.”

“(But) it doesn’t matter where a story is set, in the future, a period piece or on a boat, if it’s a good story and it has rich characters it will not distract you from getting into the story,” said Saldana. “The themes of [Star Trek into Darkness] are relevant to today’s society, to keep peace and protect civilians from people who want to hurt them.”

Count Saldana in as a fan of 3D too. “Audiences are going to be completely blown away because what they did with the 3D technology is amazing,” she said.

Source: Hindustantimes

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