Pine: I’m Lucky

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For Star Trek into Darkness actor Chris Pine, Hollywood seems at time like a vast ocean.

The thirty-two-year actor debuted in 2004’s The Princess Diaries 2, but Star Trek rocketed him into public notice as a lead actor.

“I’ve been really lucky and kind of get swept up in the ocean of Hollywood,” he said. “It’s a great ride, but you surface and you’re like, ‘Where the hell am I? What is this all about?'”

Pine had been wary of signing on to the Star Trek franchise. “I think we all took a giant leap off the cliff,” he said. But all went well and Pine believes that Star Trek into Darkness will also be successful. “What J.J.’s done is…made a story that’s accessible, real, and human and very earth-bound and of the here-and-now that I think will appeal to people above and beyond the Trek fandom.”

Source: ET Online

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