Final Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Released


The final Star Trek into Darkness movie trailer has debuted and it contains plenty of new material.

The trailer is two minutes-and-thirty-seconds in length.

The trailer which contains both previously-seen and new material begins with a shot of the London skyline, and Admiral Pike warning Kirk that he is not perfect and mistakes have consequences.

Some of the new material includes: Kirk requesting permission to go after Harrison, who is seen on surveillance video of the attack on London; Spock trying to stop Kirk from taking an action (probably going after Harrison); McCoy asking Kirk if he was going to pursue Harrison; Kirk taking the Enterprise and crew out to “get this son-of-a-bitch;” Harrison in a larger starship facing off against Kirk and the Enterprise; Kirk apologizing to his crew; battle scenes on Qo’noS; Scotty telling Kirk that the ship is “dead, sir!” with Kirk replying “No, she’s not;” and Harrison telling Kirk that “no ship should go down without its Captain.”

Star Trek into Darkness releases May 17.

Source: JoBlo Movie Network

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