Cumberbatch: Adjusting To Fame

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A trip to Tokyo to promote Star Trek into Darkness showed Benedict Cumberbatch that he is now recognizable world-wide.

Like others before him, Cumberbatch is having to adjust to both the good and the bad of being famous.

“There were six hundred fans to welcome me at the [Tokyo] airport,” said Cumberbatch. “A friend said they were excited about me coming over and suggested I wear something nice, so I slung on my best jacket and a jazzy shirt. I’m very glad I did. It was like the Beatles arriving in America for the first time.”

Cumberbatch has been on the other side of the equation. “I went to LA properly for the first time for the Oscars last year and ended up at Madonna’s party,” he said. “I met David Beckham at the bar and said, ‘Hello David, nice to meet you, I play Sherlock on television back home.’ He said, ‘Oh yeah, nice, I think I’ve seen it.’ People now look at me with the look I probably gave David Beckham at the bar. This is all new and bizarre for me, but I’m adjusting to it.”

That includes dealing with the intensity of fandom. “I find the level of scrutiny dulling as well as in your face and aggressive,” said Cumberbatch. “Some days I wear it lightly and other days I’m very aware of it.”

Source: RadioTimes

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