Beam Me Up App Up For Award

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The Beam Me Up Star Trek Augmented Reality App is up for a Webby Award and fans can help it win.

Last fall, fans at London’s Destination Star Trek convention were able to use a Star Trek Augmented Reality app to “beam up” from a mock-up of the Enterprise’s transporter room, and to see the results on their smartphones.

The app proved to be very popular, with over six thousand Star Trek fans “beaming up” over the course of the three-day convention, and four thousand downloading the app. Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Anthony Montgomery, seen in the video below, said that the app was the “next best thing to actually being on set.”

Now the Beam Me Up Augmented Reality App is up for a Webby Award; nominated for the Interactive Advertising & Media/Individual/Augmented Reality Webby Award. The Webby Awards honor “the best of the web.”

Voting for the Webby Awards is open to the public and voting for this year’s awards will continue from now until 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Thursday, April 25. The Beam Me Up Augmented Reality App is currently in second place, and the help of Star Trek fans is needed to win the award. To vote, head to the link located here.

Beam me up from Realise Digital on Vimeo.

Source: Press Release

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