April Ortiz Art Prints

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Four new original series prints by Juan Ortiz have been released.

The prints this month are based on the: The Doomsday Machine, Patterns of Force, Elaan of Troyius, and The Paradise Syndrome episodes.

Ortiz spoke about his latest artwork, confessing that one of the four is his favorite. “Having watched [Elaan of Troyius] again during my research, I discovered what a great episode it actually is.”

The artist was unable to use France Nuyen‘s likeness on the poster though. “My original design had the likeness of [Nuyen], but because of legal issues, I had to change her features,” said Ortiz.

The posters, 18″x24″, sell as a set of four for $34.95 and can be purchased here.

Click on thumbnails below to see larger-sized photos.


Source: StarTrek.com

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