Star Trek Into Darkness Spoilers


New information about Star Trek into Darkness has been revealed courtesy of a recent media event in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In addition to some plot points, a character played by an actor new to the franchise has been confirmed. Spoilers below the cut.

  • Peter Weller is playing Admiral Marcus (probably the father of Carol Marcus)
  • The father of the sick child cured by Harrison has to go on a suicide mission, with a Starfleet ring bomb.
  • Kirk breaks the prime direction to save Spock.
  • A lie gets Kirk busted down from Captain, but he eventually returns as the first officer under Pike.
  • Spock is assigned to another ship.
  • Kirk ends up in bed with two “cat-women.”
  • Harrison attacks a summit where captains are present, injuring (perhaps killing) Pike.
  • During the Spock/Harrison fight; Harrison and Spock go through several buildings and end up fighting on top of ships flying around the city.

Source: The Trek Collective

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