Star Trek Into Darkness Aiming For More


According to Star Trek into Darkness Producer Bryan Burk, both he and J.J. Abrams are looking to expand the Star Trek fan base.

Burk commented on their hopes for Star Trek into Darkness at one of the forty-minute preview screenings of the movie taking place at various locations world-wise; this one in Sydney, Australia.

“I think with the first one we got a lot of people who had dipped in and out of the Star Trek universe over the last forty years and got a lot of new people along the way but that allows us now to go a lot further and open it up to everyone else,” said Burk. “People went to see the last film who weren’t expecting to like it and I feel for this film that if people have adamantly avoided Star Trek and thought it wasn’t for them, they will be pleasantly surprised. It was really important to make a film where if you hadn’t seen the last one, you could just jump in.”

Burk, who will be joining Abrams in rebooting another science fiction franchise, Star Wars, also spoke about the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. “The worlds couldn’t be more different,” he said. “The only thing they have in common is the word ‘star’ and they take place in outer space. Star Trek doesn’t take place in a galaxy far, far away it’s not science fiction, it’s science fact, it’s one hundred per cent our future. The guy who invented the cellphone said he was inspired by watching Star Trek.”

Star Trek into Darkness opens in Australia on May 9.

Source: Herald Sun

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