Space Seed Lost Scenes


Going through the papers of Star Trek Writer/Director Nicholas Meyer, college professors John and Maria Jose Tenuto uncovered plenty of behind-the-scenes information from Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan that has not been released to the public.

A further search through UCLA archival materials uncovered information about lost scenes, both filmed and unfilmed, for the original series’ Space Seed episode.

The duo, Star Trek fans themselves, sometimes includes Star Trek-related material in their sociology classes, and found the material when they decided to expand their search beyond the Meyers papers.

Space Seed may be the most important episode of the original show,” said John Tenuto. “If there was no Space Seed, there would be no Wrath of Khan and if it weren’t for Wrath of Khan being successful, there would be no more Star Trek. Because while the first Star Trek movie was commercially successful, it was very expensive and a lot of fans weren’t happy with it.”

The lost scenes discovered included a scene that was intended for Space Seed, but would ultimately end up in The Wrath of Khan. In the scene, Dr. McCoy “teaches Captain Kirk how to use a pair of old-fashioned eyeglasses.”

Another scene that was cut from the script before filming showed Spock getting “busted after programming the ship’s computer to let him win at chess.”

“In the very, very early story treatments, Spock acts differently from the Spock we know,” said Tenuto. “We have to give the writer a break though, because this script was written only two weeks after Star Trek went on the air and the characters weren’t firmly established yet.”

The Tenutos will present their finds at an event at the Aspen Drive Library, in Vernon Hills, Illinois on March 21 at 7 PM.

Source: Lake County News-Sun

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