Star Trek Into Darkness Super Bowl Ad


A new movie trailer for Star Trek into Darkness debuted last night during the Super Bowl, showing several new items.

The ad shows that those on board the Enterprise may be in for a rough ride.

The new Trek ad opens in London, with the flag of the Federation and two Union Jacks flying over a building. Above, two small ships of some sort are hovering above the area.

The new elements include: an explosion in a large ship storage bay, another one in the middle of London (related to the storage bay?), the USS Enterprise 1701 sustaining major damage that would appear to destroy the ship, and what appears to be a ship crashing into a building.

Additional conversation between John Harrison and James T. Kirk will have the Khan rumors flying again. “I am better,” Harrison tells Kirk.

“At what?” asks Kirk.

“At everything,” replies Harrison.

The trailer can be seen here. Choose “view trailers,” then “big game ad.”

Source: Apple Trailers

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