Kirk At The Oscars


At last night’s Oscars Award Ceremony, James T. Kirk paid a visit from the future.

Kirk, played by William Shatner, returned to give a little advice to Seth MacFarlane, who was hosting the event.

In the skit, Kirk warned MacFarlane that the headlines for the next day would claim that MacFarlane was the “worst Oscar host ever.”

“Your jokes at tasteless and inappropriate and everyone ends up hating you,” said Kirk.

Kirk went on to (rightly) criticize MacFarlane’s singing “We Saw Your Boobs” with a gay chorus, telling MacFarlane that he would be joining the chorus in July of 2015. When MacFarlane asked what he should do, Kirk told him not to mock the movies, but to sing a song that celebrates the movies, which MacFarlane does.

The headlines for the next day change to “Seth MacFarlane pretty bad Oscar host.”

MacFarlane gets more advice and again the headline changes; this time he’s only a “mediocre host.”

“That’s the best review I’ve ever gotten,” MacFarlane tells Shatner. “I’m going to take that.”

But he is persuaded by Kirk to do more, and is rewarded with “Best Oscars ever, says everyone except Entertainment Weekly.”

Source: ABC

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