Kenney Pens Trek Experience Book


Sean Kenney, best known to original series fans as the original Captain Pike, and as Lt. DePaul, has written a book chronicling his Star Trek experience.

The book, Captain Pike: Found Alive! is available in both print and Kindle format, and the first two chapters can be read for free at Amazon.

Kenney decided to write about his experiences on the original series after being urged to do so by others. “There’s an old saying, ‘Baring one’s soul is most difficult,'” said Kenney. “I thought that this was going to be the case when I was prompted by friends, family and fans to write my memoir. There were many Star Trek fans who asked me whether I had thoughts of writing about my experiences on the Star Trek TV series in the roles of Captain Pike and also as the ship’s 1st helmsman, Lt. DePaul.”

Landing the role of Pike came courtesy of Kenney’s resemblance to Jeffrey Hunter. “To those people who may be interested in acting or a life of an actor, I’ve reminisced about how fortuitous it was when I got my first opportunity to act in a theater performance when the lead actor couldn’t show up for the sold-out performance,” said Kenney, who was able to snag the role because as the sound effects man for the production, he knew everyone’s lines.

“Through a lucky break, there was an agent in the audience that brought me to meet Gene Roddenberry, who was looking for someone who had the features and bone structure similar to Jeffrey Hunter, who couldn’t make it to complete the Menagerie episode. The rest is history.”

Being a guest star who was unable to speak (due to the Pike makeup) made Kenney a “keen listener” who “became like part of the set, invisible.” The actor started to hear interesting conversations from the actors. “I got an ear full!” said Kenney. “I soon realized that yes, Bill Shatner was not well liked and in fact he was disliked. But then again his role was the Captain of the ship and he took his role seriously, on and off the set.”

To purchase the book in print or Kindle form, or to read the first two chapters, head to the link located here. Click on the picture of the book to read the first two chapters.


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