February Star Trek Art Prints

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The next batch of Star Trek: The Original Series art prints by Juan Ortiz has debuted.

This seventh set of Trek prints includes: Operation: Annihilate, Amok Time, Is There in Truth No Beauty?, and Day of the Dove.

Ortiz spoke about the latest posters, telling fans what inspired him when it came to the artwork for each poster. For Operation: Annihilate, “I never know where the ideas are going to come from,” said Ortiz. “This one was inspired by crate labels for oranges. A lot of the stylizing was done so that the phaser would be highlighted, almost framed within the illustration. Kirk’s collar, the phaser fire and the hand all draw attention towards it.”

The Amok Time poster was the first art print created by Ortiz and a favorite. The dragon in the print is a metaphor for “Spock’s ‘burning’ need,” said Ortiz.

The Ortiz prints sell as a set of four and cost $34.95. To order the prints, head to the link located here.

Source: Qmxvia StarTrek.com

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