Wheaton To Appear In Super Bowl Commercial


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s Wil Wheaton will be appearing in a commercial that will air during this year’s Super Bowl.

And the commercial, for the Lincoln Motor Company, was filmed at a very familiar place to Star Trek fans, Vasquez Rocks.

It began with a phone call from Wheaton’s manager, telling him that he had been offered a part in a commercial at a special time. “You know that rather popular football event that happens in February,” said his manager?

“Shut up!” said Wheaton.

“Yes, it airs then.”

The commercial is part of a promotion that Jimmy Fallon has been doing with fans on Twitter, called steer the script.

Wheaton was well-aware of the significance of Vasquez Rocks to Trek fans. “Vasquez Rocks — or, as I like to call it, Every Planet Ever In The History Of The Star Trek Universe And Most Sci-Fi Movies From The Fifties — has an incredibly rich film history, but most of us know it from the aforementioned projects,” he said. “In fact, from the moment I saw the iconic rocks, my brain began a loop of the Star Trek fight music that did not stop until I left the set hours later.”

“It’s so cool to work here,” Wheaton told the director, “because even though Star Trek always came here, those sons of bitches never let Wesley on the landing party.”

In addition to Wheaton’s commercial appearance, Trek fans can also watch a thirty-second commercial for Star Trek into Darkness.

The Super Bowl takes place February 3 on CBS.

Source: Wil Wheaton's Blog

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