Star Trek Video Game Links Two Trek Movies

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For fans waiting for May’s Star Trek into Darkness, the release of the Star Trek video game in April will help pass the time.

The game is not just the typical shoot-’em-up, but a Star Trek story, according to Paramount’s Brian Miller. “We want you to feel like you just watched a Star Trek film.”

Paramount was eager to get the game done right. “We wanted to break the trend of movie based games,” said Miller. “Usually, when a company like Paramount wants to make a video game based on one of their film properties, they contract the work out to an outside studio. And over the years, the results have been decidedly mixed. In order to do it the right way we had to do it ourselves.”

The story begins shortly after the last Star Trek film and the characters have evolved a bit since the ending of Star Trek. “They have a lot of bumps in the road as they are sort of finding their way,” said Miller. “But at the same time, Kirk has now spent some time in the captain’s chair and players will notice that change.”

As for the story, Kirk and crew are sent to “investigate a space station under duress. The station has been tasked with research on the New Vulcan colony project, developing a new home world for Spock’s species, whose home planet was destroyed in the last film.

“But as Kirk and Spock explore the station, they learn something has gone very wrong. The Starfleet commander in charge of the station has attempted to exploit a risky new technology that has ripped open a wormhole in space, which serves as a doorway for the invading Gorn, a violent and imperial species first seen in the 1967 episode Arena from the original Trek TV series.”

The Star Trek video game will be released on April 23, and it will be offered across multiple platforms, including Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Source: Yahoo! News

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