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More Star Trek actors interact with astronaut Chris Hadfield and a famous astronaut joins in the fun.

If you’re not following Hadfield, a flight engineer from Expedition 34 on the International Space Station, on Twitter,  you’re not only missing fabulous pictures of Earth taken from high above, but you’re also missing Star Trek-related tweets.

It all began when William Shatner asked Hadfield if he was tweeting from outer space. “Yes, standard orbit, Captain,” replied Hadfield. “And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.”

George Takei mentioned the exchange on Facebook and Hadfield said, “With @GeorgeTakei posting about our space comms, all we need is @TheRealNimoy to beam in and we’d have an away team!”

Nimoy did reply, with a short “LLAP” (Live Long and Prosper) and Hadfield said, “I am not Spock either, but living and working in this spaceship comes pretty close. Life mirrors art. LLAP.”

Wil Wheaton jumped in, telling Hadfield that “If you get into trouble with Nanites when you’re in orbit, I know a guy who can help you contain them. He has experience.”

“Wesley, we’ve talked about you being on the bridge,” replied Hadfield. “I believe you’re needed in Engineering.”

Evidently enjoying the exchange, the legendary Buzz Aldrin chimed in addressing Hadfield and Shatner. “Neil [Armstrong] & I would’ve tweeted from the moon if we could have but I would prefer to tweet from Mars,” he said. “Maybe by 2040.”

“And I would have delighted to tweet you back,” said Shatner. “So we are forty-plus years too late but it’s still a pleasure to Tweet with you.”

Hadfield’s Twitter account can be found here.

Source: Chris Hadfield's Twitter Account

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