High Quality Star Trek Into Darkness Photos


Paramount has released high quality versions of photos from Star Trek into Darkness.

In addition to the photos, Zoë Saldana and Benedict Cumberbatch spoke guardedly about their respective roles in the movie.

Almost a dozen high resolution photos were released, featuring Pike, Kirk, Spock, Pegg, Uhura, Carol Marcus and John Harrison.

Click on the thumbnails to see larger-sized photos. More photos can be found here.







Two of the subjects of the photos, Saldana and Cumberbatch, spoke about their roles in the movie, and Saldana was asked about the Spock-Uhura romance and if it would be seen in Star Trek into Darkness. “Whether they are together or not that will remain to be seen,” she said. “But come on, I’m not going to ruin the element of surprise! I signed papers, trust me! I will lose a kidney if I say too much!”

Cumberbatch described his character, John Harrison. [He] is an extraordinary terrorist of sorts,” said Cumberbatch. “He uses himself as a warrior with weapons and close hand combat to just reap devastation and havoc wherever he goes and a trail of destruction follows him. What is interesting from an acting point of view — beyond doing the stunts and choreographed fight sequences…was also the psychological warfare that he acts out. He has an incredible ability to control people’s minds to his bidding and make them – well confuse the radar of their loyalties and prerogatives, so that was great fun. So it was a great mixture of intense acting scenes and action scenes.”

Source: ExtraTV.comvia ComingSoon.net

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