Astronaut Acknowledges Captain Kirk


Someone on the crew of the International Space Station is a Star Trek fan.

Yesterday, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield, flight engineer for Expedition 34, exchanged tweets with none other than James T. Kirk.

Hadfield has been active on Twitter, posting pictures from space and answering questions posted to him. The questions included one from William Shatner, Captain Kirk himself!

“Are you tweeting from space?” asked Shatner.

“Yes, standard orbit, Captain,” replied Hadfield. “And we’re detecting signs of life on the surface.”

Today, Hadfield realized that in view of the conversation, he might need to be careful about what he wears from now on. “I’m proud of being Canadian,” he said, referring to something he shares with Shatner, “but after yesterday’s Twitter conversation am starting to question wearing this red shirt.”

Hadfield’s Twitter feed can be found here. The astronaut will be on the ISS through mid-May.

Source: Discovery News

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