Takei Heads To Riverdale


Star Trek‘s George Takei will be seen in a forthcoming issue of Archie Comics.

Takei will be seen as himself in issue #6 of Archie Comics’ Kevin Keller comic.

Kevin Keller is a series of comics about fictional Riverdale’s only gay teenager, and Takei agreed to have a cartoon character of himself in the comic to send a message to young fans, that they can “aspire to be what they want to be no matter who they are.”

“With Archie Comics, it’s a fun way and a natural way and an ideal way of advocating happily,” said Takei.

Archie ComicsJon Goldwater (co-chief executive officer) and Writer/Artist Dan Parent met Takei at a convention, and asked the actor about appearing in the Kevin Keller comic. “I flipped when he agreed,” said Goldwater, a “huge Star Trek fan.” “Sulu was always my favorite character, so I said do whatever it takes to get him in the comic.”

“I remember as a preteen and a teenager, I used to read Archie Comics,” said Takei. “I was so flattered.”

“I’ve always been an advocate,” said Takei. I” grew up in two U.S. internment camps. I was too young to understand that at the time. As a teenager I couldn’t reconcile what I was reading in my civics books with my boyhood.”

Kevin Keller #6 goes on sale tomorrow.

Source: The Washington Times

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