Nine Minutes Of Star Trek Into Darkness


Eager Star Trek fans were finally able to see the first nine minutes of Star Trek into Darkness last night.

The nine minutes were for the most part, an expansion on what was seen in the much shorter teaser trailer released earlier this month. Spoilers behind the cut.

The movie opens in London, Stardate 2259.55. Two parents (Noel Clarke and Nazneen Contractor) take a hover car to a hospital, where their gravely-ill daughter is a patient. When the father steps out of the room, a voice behind him (Benedict Cumberbatch‘s John Harrison) says, “I can save her.”

Next up, planet Nibiru. Kirk and McCoy being chased by “white-faced black-eyed locals” after he swiped some sort of holy scroll from them, to draw them away from a volcano that threatens to wipe out their population. A giant CG-creature is stunned by Kirk, which causes McCoy to yell “You just stunned our ride!”

Meanwhile, elsewhere on Nibiru, Quinto, Uhura, and Sulu are trying to stop the imminent volcanic eruption, but something goes wrong. Uhura and Sulu must leave Spock in the volcano when the shuttlecraft in which they arrived is damaged.

Kirk and McCoy are still being chased and the chase leads them to the edge of a cliff with water below. The pair jumps into the water, but fear not, rescue in the form of the Enterprise is waiting for them beneath the waves.

Back on board the Enterprise, the crew learns of Spock’s peril, but in order to maintain the Prime Directive, a rescue mission can’t be mounted. Spock echoes Spock Prime in The Wrath of Khan, saying that the “needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.”

Kirk asks McCoy would Spock would do if it were Kirk in the volcano. Spock would let Kirk die, replies McCoy.

Source: io9

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