New Star Trek Into Darkness Teaser Trailer


Today, a new HD trailer for Star Trek into Darkness was released, with new scenes and a viral marketing clue.

The trailer is just short of two minutes in length. Spoilers are behind the cut.

Some of the elements have been seen before, but new things include:

  • A voice-over by Captain Pike cautioning Kirk about his cockiness
  • Scotty in a red shirt
  • Uhura on Qo’noS
  • Harrison surveying damage (caused by him?)
  • Many body containers. Are they from deaths sustained in an attack or stasis tubes (à la The Wrath of Khan)?
  • Explosion in a building
  • A man in a space suit dodging debris above a planet
  • Uhura kissing Spock
  • Noel Clarke’s character dropping a Starfleet ring into a glass
  • Scotty dangling over some steep drop
  • Kirk punching Harrison while Spock and Uhura watch
  • Harrison punching someone
  • Kirk shooting out a window
  • Spock jumping off of a building

The viral marketing clue comes in the scene where Harrison is in the brig (around the 1:06 mark), and can be seen in the control panel to the far right. In red lettering against the black, a website is listed:

At this website, fans are asked to sign up for future updates and are thanked when doing so with the promise that “We will tell you when the search begins.” There are also links to AreYouThe1701 Facebook and Twitter pages, which as of yet, contain no new information.


Source: Star Trek into Darkness Trailer

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