Eve: Set Atmosphere Due To Abrams


Alice Eve was nervous at first when it came to joining a cast that knew each other from a previous film, but she was soon put at ease.

“It was nerve wracking,” she said. “Literally, I had to rock up in a room full of those people – Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, J.J. Abrams – and they all had this great rapport, and I had to walk in like the new girl.”

But it was a welcoming set and Eve credits that to Abrams. “J.J. Abrams is a democratic and fair individual – he’s like a patriarch, and doesn’t want problems,” said Eve. “He engenders this environment where everybody does their best to make everyone else feel comfortable, which is why we can all genuinely wax lyrical about those six months.”

Is Eve ready for the public attention and scrutiny that will surely come after Star Trek into Darkness debuts? “Being interested in the personal side of things is exactly the same as my favorite thing to do, which is sitting in a cafe watching people,” she said. “We’re thrusting ourselves in your faces by making these pieces of entertainment, so it’s not really our right to say, ‘Don’t look.'”

Source: Huffington Post

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