Trek Shot Glasses

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Bif Bang Pow! and CBS Consumer products have announced a new Star Trek product based on the Juan Ortiz original series art, a series of shot glasses.

In addition to the shot glasses, the line will eventually include “tins, drinkware and other items.”

Sixteen shot glasses (sold in sets of four) are available for pre-order, with delivery set for next April. The episodes in each set include:

  • Set 1: The City on the Edge of Forever, Dagger of the Mind, The Ultimate Computer, and The Way to Eden
  • Set 2: Charlie X, And the Children shall Lead, Balance of Terror, and Wink of an Eye
  • Set 3: The Alternative Factor, Catspaw, The Trouble With Tribbles, and Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
  • Set 4: The Man Trap, This Side of Paradise, What Are Little Girls Made Of?, and The Immunity Syndrome

“For close to fifty years, the characters of the Star Trek universe have taken us where no one has gone before, and now Bif Bang Pow! will be transporting all-new collectibles into homes and offices all over the world,” said Jason Lenzi, CEO of Bif Bang Pow! “We couldn’t be more excited for fans to seek out what we have planned for the final frontier. Look for additional Star Trek news from us in the months leading up to Toy Fair 2013.”

Each set of four shot glasses will sell for $14.99 and can be pre-ordered here.

Source: Bifbangpow

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