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A new iPhone App, Shatoetry, has been released today.

The Shatoetry app allows fans to create “Shatisms,” words played out in William Shatner‘s own voice.

With Shatoetry, the app user can select words from a library of pre-recorded words in Shatner’s voice, to express themselves. “People all over the world have been listening to my voice for so long, but they’ve only ever heard what I wanted to say,” said Shatner. “I wanted to give people a means to express their thoughts and ideas, using my voice. It’s a fun, creative app that I am certain people will enjoy.”

This is one of the first apps to extend a celebrity brand in such a meaningful, interactive way,” said co-creator Lev Chapelsky of Blindlight Apps. “It makes the celebrity’s creativity truly interactive for the app user.”

“Every time I use it, I enjoy it more and more,” said Shatner.

Multiple users (Shatoetists) can collaborate to create Shatisms in Shatoetry’s co-op mode.

Advanced users of Shatoetry can create poetry or haiku, but the more “practical and fun creations” would be sentences, phrases or even single words, which users can share with friends.

Shatoetry will be updated with word packs for holidays and other special occasions, guest contributions and “other surprises.”

The Shatoetry app, created by Blindlight Apps, is available here for $2.99.

Source: Tech News Worldvia Bizjournals

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