New Star Trek Into Darkness Trailer Rumor


Several days ago, TrekToday reported that both a trailer and the first nine minutes of Star Trek into Darkness would be shown ahead of The Hobbit on December 14th, but now comes word that the trailer may appear earlier in front of some other movie.

Originally, the nine-minute opening of Star Trek into Darkness was going to be seen ahead of the IMAX version of The Hobbit, while a regular trailer would be shown to those seeing The Hobbit in regular theaters.

The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide is reporting that the Trek trailer will *not* be in front of The Hobbit (regular version), but that trailers for The Wolverine and Man of Steel would instead be shown ahead of that movie.

The site also claims that the trailer for Star Trek into Darkness will appear at an earlier date online.

TrekToday will update readers when the situation becomes clearer. Until then, treat this as a rumor.

Thanks to Daniel S. for the tip!

Source: Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide

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