Neil Armstrong’s Star Trek Wish


Footage of the “Beam Me Up One Last Time Scotty” convention has been found by James Doohan‘s widow Wende, and in the video, which can now be seen online, Neil Armstrong speaks about his Star Trek wish.

The reclusive Armstrong wasn’t big on public appearances, but he came to the convention in 2004 to honor his “fellow engineer” Scotty who had just received his star on the Walk of Fame.

Armstrong was the keynote speaker during the convention, and gave a speech which was well-received by the audience which included Doohan.

“So, I’m hoping for my next command, to be given a Federation starship,” said Armstrong. “And, when I get that command, I would like to have a crew like Captain James T. Kirk had. Spock and Chekov and Uhura and Dr. McCoy and Sulu and the others we all remember.

“Now I have a confession to make. I am an engineer. And if I get that command, I want a chief engineering officer like Montgomery Scott. Because I know Scotty will get the job done and do it right. Even if I often hear him say, ‘But Captain, I dinna have enough time!’

“So from one old engineer to another, thanks, Scotty.”

According to Star Trek: Renegades Producer Sky Conway, Armstrong wanted to play an admiral in Star Trek: Of Gods and Men, but he was “out of the country” at the time of filming and “couldn’t fit it into his busy schedule.

“On behalf of the cast and crew of the upcoming production, Star Trek: Renegades, we dedicate the film to Neil Armstrong, a true space pioneer and real life hero, whose numerous contributions to humanity extended far beyond that one small step.”

Source: Star Trek Renegades

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