Montgomery’s Miles Away

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Star Trek: Enterprise‘s Anthony Montgomery‘s Miles Away comic is now available for pre-order.

In Miles Away, shy teenager Maxwell Miles is an orphan with super photographic reflexes. After encountering alien refugees, Miles becomes involved in an interstellar war was turns out to be “connected to his family’s dark past.”

Miles Away features the work of Montgomery, Brandon Easton (Thundercats), Jeff Stokely and Jey Odin.

“[Max is] a human…he’s human,” said Montgomery. “People will relate to Max’s humanity; all of you guys will because you will see a piece of him, a piece of yourself, in the different adventures that we take Max on. And when I say we, I mean my entire creative team, because as the brainchild behind it, I can’t draw stick figures so I enlisted an entire team to help me and I told them that the biggest thing that I want to make sure my fans are able to take away from this and connect with is truly that it whatever you are watching on screen is nothing different than you. Max could be you. He just had something that evolved in him in a different way. So there will always be a human condition at the core of it and we’re going to be excited at watching Max’s triumphs as well as his failures. And in the experience that is life, we’ll get to go on his adventures with him and have a lot of fun doing it.”

Miles Away will be released as a trade paperback in April 2013 and will cost $14.95. Those desiring an autographed copy of the comic can obtain one, but the autographed edition will be limited to one hundred copies only.

To pre-order Miles Away, head to the link located here.

Click on the thumbnails for larger-sized images of two preview pages.

Source: Antarctic Press

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