Yelchin In Romantic Comedy

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Star Trek‘s Anton Yelchin will join Diane Kruger in the romantic comedy 5 to 7.

In 5 to 7, set in New York, an aspiring novelist has an affair with the beautiful wife of a French diplomat, where “cultures, world views, personal ethics and dietary preferences clash as love deepens.”

Yelchin will play the aspiring novelist, while Kruger is the diplomat’s wife. The script for 5 to 7 was written by Victor Levin (Mad Men), and the movie is produced by Bonnie Curtis and Julie Lynn, and executive produced by Lisa Wilson and Myles Nestel.

“Vic Levin’s script has us in tears — we’re just not sure if it’s from laughing or crying,” said Curtis and Lynn. “We’re excited about the grace and intelligence that he, Diane and Anton will bring to their interpretations of his beautiful story.”

“This is just a great script with a wonderful cast attached and filmmakers involved who have a fantastic track record,” said Wilson and Nestel. “It exactly matches our criteria of offering only the very best in independent filmmaking to our clients. The response to the project has been overwhelming.

Shooting for 5 to 7 will begin in February 2013.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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