Star Trek Online Season Seven

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Fans of the Star Trek Online MMORPG can now see previews of Season Seven, due to be released next month.

The updates for Season Seven will include the Borg; including the long-awaited Borg strategic task force, and Into the Hive. The Seventh Season may also see the end of the Star Trek: Online Borg saga with the release of Into the Hive.

To take on the Borg, including the Borg Queen, a strike team will have to enter Unimatrix 01, the heart of the Borg Collective. Into the Hive will be available in two difficulty levels, normal and elite. Federation players must be at least a Vice Admiral to play Into the Hive, and Klingon players at least a Lieutenant General.

Another Season Seven release will be a new sector of space, the Tau Dewa sector. The sector will include seventeen new systems, thirteen of which “will have missions that include the Romulans.” The Tau Dewa sector will also only be available to Vice Admiral and Lieutenant General players.

Season Seven Dev blogs for Into the Hive, The Tau Dewa Sector Bloc and the Romulan Colony Adventure Zone can be found here.

Source: Massively

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