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Fans attending Destination Star Trek London next weekend will see Star Trek Writer/Producer Ronald D. Moore as well as all five Star Trek television show captains.

Moore spoke about his time working on Star Trek: The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine; and revealed how he feels about the Klingons, and what he wanted to do when he first joined Deep Space Nine.

Although he could never get into the Klingon language, Moore was a fan of the feisty Klingons. “Oh, the language I never even pretended to know! I could say ‘Kapla!’ because they’d said it in Star Trek III,” said Moore. “Mark Okran‘s Klingon Dictionary sat on my desk throughout my tenure and I would go to it to pick up words or phrases, but I couldn’t make head nor tails of the syntax or the grammar and I never honestly tried! Most of the time I would be writing Klingon language more on just rhythm and sound rather than actually paying attention to the rules.

“I feel a great connection to [the Klingons]. I didn’t invent them; I just came along an embroidered what had come before me. I’m just someone in a chain of people that contributed to that myth.”

Moore joined Deep Space Nine after it had been established, in the third season. “I just wanted it to grow and do something different,” he said. “I’d done five years on the Enterprise and the challenge of writing Star Trek in a completely different format was exciting. I’d worked with Ira [Steven Behr] on Star Trek when I first worked on Trek and it was good to work with him again. It was just an exciting opportunity to play with these different characters.”

The Star Trek characters grew on Moore and he still misses them. “The things I miss most about those days is having this connection with those characters,” he explained. “I don’t get to sit in a room and talk about Worf anymore or dig into Picard’s psychology or explore his relationship with Data. When you’re working on a show like that, you talk about these people so much and you get intimately involved in their entire life history, so they become very real people to you, and then suddenly they’re gone.”

Moore is currently working on an adaption of the Outlander series for TV.

Source: SFX

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