Burton NoH8 Rainbow


Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s LeVar Burton has submitted another photo to the NoH8 campaign.

NoH8 is a campaign to raise awareness and to raise funds for gay rights causes, which includes the campaign to end California’s Proposition 8, a ban against gay marriage.

Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley photograph people from all walks of life, including celebrities, politicians, athletes and any other interested parties. The people photographed have their mouths duct-taped and the NoH8 slogan written on them, usually on one cheek.

Earlier this year, Burton’s first picture to the campaign was submitted. Instead of having his mouth duct-taped however, the tape was over his eyes, a nod to his blind Star Trek: The Next Generation character Geordi La Forge.

In this new photo, Burton holds a rainbow – a reference to both his long-running Reading Rainbow show and to symbol of gay rights.

Other Star Trek celebrities have taken part in the NoH8 campaign, including Rod Roddenberry, George Takei, Denise Crosby, Tim Russ, Jeri Ryan, Robert Picardo, Chase Masterson, Terry Farrell and Dominic Keating. Their photos can be seen here.

Source: On Top Magazine

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