TV Alert: Revolution


Revolution, the new “doomer” drama by J.J. Abrams, premieres tonight.

In Revolution, people in a futuristic world struggle to survive and reunite with loved ones in a world where there has been no electricity for fifteen years.

Abrams explained what viewers might expect from Revolution. “Not only do we get to visit the highlights of what transpired in flashback, but also that things have time to evolve,” he said. “And we’ve had very interesting discussions about what might have happened, and why, if the power went out. This show is certainly in no way, Lost, and has a very different conceit … I think it has potential.”

Tonight’s episode, The Blackout, will begin with the powering down of the world. Not only does the electrical grid go down, but alternative power sources, such as generators or flashlights, are also rendered useless.

After fifteen years without power, the US government has fallen and militias are in charge. “Physics went insane,” Revolution character Aaron (Zak Orth) tells a group of schoolchildren, “and nobody knows why.”

Revolution will air at 10 PM on NBC.

Source: Newsdayvia Slate

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