Stewart Cable Woes


Moving into a new place means getting various services established and for Sir Patrick Stewart, it might have been easier to hook up with the Borg hive mind than to get his cable service connected at his new digs in Brooklyn.

Patrick took to Twitter when his attempt to set up his cable with Time Warner Cable did not go well. “All I wanted to do was set up a new account with TWCable_NYC,” he complained, “but 36hrs later, I’ve lost the will to live.”

The Twitterverse responded, including various Star Trek alumni. “Somebody help the Capt’n!” said Mike Sussman, speaking to LeVar Burton.

“I agree, MBB,” said William Shatner.

“Sounds like you chaps could do with a reliable engineer. :)” said Simon Pegg.

Stewart was unimpressed with the speed (or lack thereof) with which Time Warner Cable answered him. “Impertinent, presumptuous,” he said. “And so…’original.”

“How can we assist you?” asked a Time Warner representative.

“If that question had been asked at any time in the last 36hrs it would have been of value,” Stewart replied. “But now…”

“I apologize for the frustration,” said Time Warner. “If you change your mind, we are here.”

Stewart’s original tweet was retweeted by almost fifteen hundred people.

Time Warner’s response to the PR mess? “There’s no doubt we have a lot of fans at the company, of the actor and Star Trek in general,” said a spokesman for Time Warner. “But the truth is, any customer that reaches out to us … we’re going to offer them help the exact same way.”

Source: The Telegraphvia Various Twitter accounts

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