Shatner Musical Guest Appearance

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William Shatner has made a guest appearance on Planet Earth Attack, the second album from the “industrial rock/metal/dubstep crossover masterminds” Blackburner.

The album, released yesterday, follows Blackburner‘s first album, Feel The Burn, which debuted earlier this year.

In a press release, the band described the new album. “Featuring guest appearances from legendary Star Trek actor William Shatner and members of the prog rock back Yes, Planet Earth Attack further illustrates the bold creativity Blackburner has become known for. Crossing EDM genres of dupstep, glitch, and house with progressive rock, industrial, and noise, the seventeen-track collection is a journey from depths to heights and back with beats that physically resonate, highlighted by an electronic dubstep-influenced remix of Pink Floyd‘s Comfortably Numb featuring Billy Sherwood and Chris Squire, the industrial-inspired Burn Burn Burn!, and the groundbreaking collaboration in gothstep with Jessica Jean on Apocalypse!”

The first track, Planet Earth Attack, featuring Shatner, may be heard here.

Planet Earth Attack is available for purchase via iTunes.

Source: Rocktopia

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