New Trek Art Prints


Two new art prints are available for fans of the original series.

The prints, featuring artwork by Joe Corroney, are Undiscovered Country, and Mirror, Mirror.

The Undiscovered Country print has a Klingon theme, featuring General Chang, Chancellor Gorkon, a Klingon judge’s claw and ball gavel and the Klingon Emblem. It measures 16.5 by 11.7 inches and is hand-numbered.

The limited-edition print will have a printing run of only 995 pieces, and will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity. Purchasers will receive another print, Classic Quotes, which has over a dozen Star Trek quotes from the original series and its movies.

Next up is Mirror, Mirror. The subject of this print is Spock; one from each universe, each glaring and each with a weapon. The Enterprise and the Mirror Universe symbol can also be found on the poster.

Mirror, Mirror is the same size as the Undiscovered Country print and will have the same number of pieces produced. Purchasers of Mirror, Mirror will also receive the free Classic Quotes print.

The posters may be ordered here and here.

Click on the thumbnails for larger-sized photos of the artwork.


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