McFadden’s Curlers and Robe on TNG

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In an interview with Larry Nemecek‘s Trekland, Gates McFadden talks Star Trek and updates fans on her current project.

McFadden has been attending Star Trek conventions again, just in time to help celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

In the interview with Trekland, seen below, the actress explained why she elected to use Gates McFadden instead Cheryl Gates McFadden, as her screen name. “I just went with my middle name, which had been sort of a nickname” she said. “…I always preferred [it]. I never felt like I was a Cheryl.”

McFadden had not been a fan of Star Trek or sci-fi when she first got the role, because her busy life had never given her time to watch television series. “I didn’t know what warp speed was,” she said. “I’m actually still not sure I know what warp speed…no, I know.”

Fun times on the set including redecorating the bridge which included McFadden arriving on the bridge one morning in her robe and curlers, which surprised Sir Patrick Stewart when he arrived on the set for rehearsal.

McFadden has returned to her theater roots and is the Artistic Director for the Atwater Village theater in Los Angeles.

Source: Subspace Communique

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