McDowell: Kirk Deserved Better


Malcolm McDowell, who played the obsessed Dr. Tolian Soran, did not like how Captain Kirk died in Star Trek: Generations.

According to McDowell, the death scene was filmed several times. “We shot it twice,” said McDowell. “It was feeble, I thought, because I thought [Kirk] deserved better.”

“Poor old Captain Kirk,” said McDowell. “It was sad, really. Honestly, the producers should have given him a much better sendoff than they did.”

Shatner had joked with McDowell, saying, “You shot me in the back!”

“The truth is, that’s what happened,” said McDowell. “They should have given him a glorious death. If they’re going to kill one of the icons of American television, then get rid of him in a beautiful way. I was very disappointed that they didn’t come up with something a little better.”

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

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