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Star Trek 2‘s John Cho will be seen on Go On, a new NBC comedy.

On Go On, Cho will portray Stephen, Ryan King’s (Matthew Perry) boss and closest friend. Stephen is an “ill-equipped, less-than-evolved male,” who “mandates therapy for the recently widowed Ryan,” and then “struggles to provide support as Ryan learns to cope with his grief.”

Working on a comedy that also has “emotion and pathos” as well as humor in it was something that interested Cho. “It was the most attractive thing about the show,” he said. “It deals with a heavy subject, and that’s where the laughs come from. In my own behavior I’ve seen that I deal with serious things by using humor as a defense mechanism. I use it as an excuse to dodge things. I found it really resonated with me, and that’s why, aside from the fact that I’d be working with Matthew Perry, who I admire so much and have stolen so much from over the years, that was really the reason I did the show. I just thought it was about something, and it was funny at the same.”

Cho has been getting to know co-star Perry better. “It’s been great,” he said. “I feel like I have a little bit of the stars-in-the-eyes syndrome right now. He’s so generous. I have really been learning watching him navigate this thing. He’s very good at knowing what makes something funny. He’s also good at exposing himself and being raw. It’s a very odd combination, and I’ve been enjoying it.”

Go On‘s pilot will air tonight on NBC at 10:30, but will be seen regularly on Tuesdays beginning September 11 at 9 PM.

Source: IGNvia NBC

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