Cumberbatch Praises Abrams


Benedict Cumberbatch has joined the many actors who have had words of praise for J.J. Abrams.

Cumberbatch spoke briefly about Star Trek 2 first, claiming that working on the sequel was “an amazing experience.”

“I was bound to say that,” he said. “But it genuinely was. It was just extraordinary.”

Cumberbatch then went on to reveal his admiration for Abrams. “He’s a wonderful human being to be around, J.J. — on every level, as a dad, as a friend, as a director, as a musician,” he said. “He’s a polymath; he’s a really talented human being. And he has time for everyone and it’s all done with a really genuine interest in the story.”

Fans will get their money’s worth from Star Trek 2. “So for all the bangs for your buck that you’re gonna get with the film — which there are going to be aplenty — you have an investment,” said Cumberbatch. “You care about what’s happening to these characters, so it was really exciting.

Source: The Huffington Post

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