Trek Shirt Sold For Almost 100K


A shirt worn by William Shatner in the original series commanded a high price at a recent auction.

The Profiles in History July auction featured Hollywood props and memorabilia and in the collection were twelve Star Trek-related items.

The Captain Kirk tunic sold for $98,400, and a screen-used USS Enterprise Bridge panel came in second, selling for $24,600.00.

The items included:

  • Lot 903-905 Letters from Gene Roddenberry.
  • Lot 906 Three original series scripts. Sold for $2,337.00.
  • Lot 907 4 sheets of USS Enterprise decals (original series).
  • Lot 908 Nona’s necklace from A Private Little War. Sold for $5,227.50.
  • Lot 909 Kirk gold velour tunic. Sold for $98,400.00.
  • Lot 910 EVA Phaser rifle from Star Trek: First Contact. Sold for $3,382.50.
  • Lot 911 Boomerang Phaser. Sold for $1,845.00.
  • Lot 912 Khan wrist communicator and chest strap. Sold for $2,460.00.
  • Lot 913 Mark IX Hero medical tricorder. Sold for $4,920.00.
  • Lot 914 Screen-used USS Enterprise Bridge Panel. Sold for $24,600.00.

Source: The Hollywood Reportervia The Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Blog

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