Star Trek Online Not Dying

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Cryptic Executive Producer Dan Stahl made an appearance in the Star Trek Online community to address rumors, including one that the online game is in trouble.

One poster started a thread that claimed that “Cryptic is in a really bad place right now,” and that thread drew the attention of Stahl.

“Cryptic was sold because it was a profitable business and worth at least $50 million to Perfect World,” said Stahl. “Star Trek Online is not dying by any means and continues to grow stronger. Just last month we took over as the top performing game for Perfect World in North America.”

Stahl went on to explain development progress and assured readers that “The Star Trek Online development team continues to grow month over month and we still have several positions open. As the team grows larger our Seasonal plans are getting larger. We expect Season 7 to be bigger than Season 6, and Season 8 to be bigger than Season 7. More content, more fixes, more updates across the board.”

There was acknowledgment that there have been issues with various elements of the game, but Stahl assured readers that those performance issues are being addressed, and he encouraged players to keep speaking up. “We do listen to feedback, and while we don’t always address every post, we certainly take note,” he said.

“Thank you for continuing to support this game and for continuing to voice opinions. We hear them and are working behind the curtain to improve the game in every way.”

Source: Star Trek Online

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