Shatner At Dodger Game


Last week, William Shatner introduced the lineup of the Los Angeles Dodgers at a game between the Dodgers and the Chicago Cubs and then threw out the first pitch.

Pictures and videos are now online for those who were unable to attend the game.

While introducing the lineup, Shatner, wearing a shirt with his name and the number thirty-two, hammed it up a bit.

And then it was time for the first pitch. As the Star Trek theme played over the sound system, Shatner threw the first pitch to Dodgers catcher Matt Treanor.

And yes, Shatner got it over the plate (barely), although the pitch would not have been called a strike.

Below is video of the first pitch. To see Shatner introducing the Dodgers lineup, head to the link located here.


Source: more_shatner

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