Priceline Negotiator: Not Dead


A new Priceline ad reveals that the Priceline Negotiator is still sharing those Priceline deals.

Played by William Shatner, the last time viewers saw the Priceline Negotiator, he was in a bus that plunged off of a bridge and was destroyed in a fiery explosion. But as a new ad reveals, the Priceline Negotiator is alive and well and has found a new hobby.

The new thirty-second spot, due to air tomorrow, has hit YouTube already. “You’ve been busy for a dead man,” said a company man (Allan Louis). “After you jumped ship in Bangkok, I thought I’d lost you.”

“Surfing is my life now,” replied the Priceline Negotiator. Although dressed in a business suit, he has his pants legs rolled up and he is carrying a surfboard.

Before running into the ocean, the Priceline Negotiator can’t resist plugging Priceline one more time.

Shatner is pleased to return as the Priceline Negotiator. He felt that doing away with the character in the first place had been a bad decision. “I knew it was a mistake, absolutely,” he said.

“There’s a certain pride in making a character in advertising a popular character,” said Shatner “You could look at it as an achievement.”

Source: Huffington Post

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