Paper-craft USS Enterprise

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For Star Trek fans who also like paper-crafting, a new kit will cover both hobbies.

The new model will even include an audio chip that plays the theme from the original series.
Becker&mayer! will be releasing Star Trek: Build the U.S.S. Enterprise this fall. The book/kit will contain all that is required to build a paper model of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) that is almost a foot long.

The paper-craft kit includes: ten perforated template sheets complete with foil accents and metallic printing, push-button LED lights, the audio chip, instruction manual, a paper stand upon which the model can be displayed, and a book that “examines the history of the Enterprise across the Star Trek franchise.”

The paper model was designed by Claudio Diaz, and the book was written by Scott Tipton.

Star Trek: Build the U.S.S. Enterprise will sell for $19.95 at Barnes & Noble stores beginning this October.


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