Koenig Star Fund Reaches Goal


With a little more than a month to go until Walter Koenig is inducted into the Hollywood Walk of Fame, the goal of reaching the amount of funding necessary for the star installation has been met.

The finish line was crossed courtesy of a donation from someone very familiar to Star Trek fans.

$30,000 has been raised by fans and friends of Koenig for his Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony, which will take place on September 10, with associated festivities taking place from Sept 8-10.

The final contribution pushing the fundraising effort over the top came from Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene Roddenberry.

Koenig posted two thank you notes, one to his fans and one to Roddenberry Entertainment. To the fans he said, “Thank you to the friends I’ve met and to all those I haven’t who have been so supportive with their good wishes and their contributions. Because of you, the Hollywood Walk of Fame Star Ceremony will proceed as planned. I am overwhelmed by your kindness.”

To Roddenberry Entertainment, Koenig said, “In a very real way Gene Roddenberry helped launch my career. In another very real way Roddenberry Entertainment and Rod Roddenberry in particular have put punctuation on that career with their generosity. Forever in your debt.”

Source: Walterstarfund

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