DeWeese Passes


Star Trek author Thomas Eugene DeWeese passed away in March at the age of seventy-eight.

DeWeese was the author of half a dozen original series and Star Trek: The Next Generation novels, which he authored under the name Gene DeWeese.

The prolific DeWeese was a technical writer as well as a fiction author, writing manuals and programmed instructions texts for the Apollo space program. He became a freelance author in 1974 and published over forty books; including non-fiction, science fiction, horror, mysteries, gothics and children’s fiction.

His Star Trek novels include: The Peacekeepers, Engines of Destiny, Chain of Attack, Into the Nebula, The Final Nexus, and Renegade.

DeWeese won several writers’ awards along the way, and was nominated for a Nebula. Chain of Attack, his first Star Trek novel, made the 1987 New York Times bestseller’s list.

Married to wife Beverly for fifty-seven years, DeWeese is survived by her, and by his mother-in-law, brothers-in-law and various nieces and nephews.

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