Star Trek Online Season Six

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The most recent season of Star Trek: Online is now live.

Star Trek Online Season 6: Under Siege introduces the Fleet (Guild) Advancement System.

With the Fleet (Guild) Advancement System, Fleet members can now “construct, level-up and defend their own Starbase.” In addition, the MMO now has its first major Foundry update since Star Trek Online launched.

“Our primary focus with Season 6 is to have fleets become a more central and fundamental part of the Star Trek Online experience,” said Dan Stahl, Executive Producer of Star Trek Online, Cryptic Studios. “Fleets may now work to improve their Starbase category, unlocking additional functionality and increasing the size and grandeur of the Starbase itself.”

Included in Season 6 are the following enhancements/additions:

The Fleet Advancement System: “For the first time ever, Fleets will begin construction of Fleet Holdings, starting with a Starbase – your home port in the vastness of space. To do so, they must undertake construction projects through the Fleet Advancement system, which has projects for Fleets of all sizes.”

New Fleet Events: “Join with your Fleetmates and other players for all-new events. Defend a Starbase from an attack in a 5-player Fleet Alert, or fight the enemy in a new, 20-player Fleet Action. In other 5-player events, you’ll save freighters from a blockade or search a dark, Starbase cargo hold for saboteurs. In all of these scenarios, you’ll earn Fleet Marks that you can use to help your Fleet advance.”

New Max-Level Content: “New missions and events designed specifically for max-level players introduce more challenges, end-game content, and rewards for the most experienced Star Trek Online captains.” These new missions and events include No Win Scenario and Colony Rescue.

The Tholians: “An old enemy has reemerged and taken interest in a system in the Neutral Zone…the Tholian Assembly has been attacking Federation and Klingon Fleet Starbases in attempts to weaken the forces that threaten their advancements. You must be prepared as the Tholians are an enemy to be reckoned with.”

Foundry Updates: “Some of the new features include: Improved UI allowing for easier item identification prior to map placement, Additional items added to the content library,” and “More functions that can be applied to content – including new combat behaviors.”

A trailer for the new season can be seen here.

Source: Marketwatchvia Star Trek Online

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