TNG-themed Stationery

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New Star Trek-themed email stationery templates have been added to the MeebleMail collection.

In March, MeebleMail rolled out its Star Trek-themed line of email stationery templates, beginning with original series-themed entries, but promising more to come.

Now over a dozen The Next Generation-themed templates have been added to the MeebleMail Collection. These include ones based on Geordi’s visor, ones with various sayings from The Next Generation (“Shields Up! Red Alert!” “Resistance is Futile” “Shut Up Wesley” “Engage”), and the Enterprise NCC-1701-D.

Star Trek is a tremendous franchise known by millions across the globe, and MeebleMail is thrilled to be working with CBS Consumer Products to bring Star Trek to life in email,” said Sharon Gaffney, Creative Director for MeebleMail. “MeebleMail is excited to give fans of the entire Star Trek franchise a new way to experience and be a part of the Final Frontier. Star Trek is the first entertainment property to be added to MeebleMail’s library of email templates.”

To see the Star Trek line, head to the link located here.

Source: MeebleMail

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